We have worked long and hard to make our site as user friendly as possible.


Our website is linked to your account with us. This means that you can see all of your account details and outstanding invoices. The site is with our server once a day. If you have requested a credit, made a payment or put in an order - simply check back at a later stage and you will see the credit/payment/invoice posted on your account!


How do I find a product? show

Either enter the stock code if known in the search field OR Enter part of the description: i.e if you enter 18 - the site will show you all products relating to 18th birthdays. If you enter Mum - the site will show you all products relating to Mum.

How do the categories work? show

There is a master category for each range i.e. Glassware, Adult etc. Within this (simply click on the category) there are sub categories to narrow down your search. i.e. Under Glassware is Lolita, Novelty etc. Rather than searching through lots of pages, change the box at the top to "show all". This will show you all products within the sub category on one page. When you want to know more about a product or look at a bigger image simply click on it. Then either "add to basket" or "continue shopping" - you will return to exactly where you were.

What happens when I place an order? show

You will receive an email confirmation after you hit "Submit". This will list the items you have purchased and the prices. This is then sent to our servers and printed out ready for picking and packing.